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How can I be of service to others?


Last month we embarked on our journey to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit as defined in Galatians 5:22-23.  We concentrated on Faithfulness in the month of April, and we will be concentrating on Love in the month of May.

The Bible’s most succinct meaning of love can be found in 1 John 4:16, “GOD IS LOVE!”  Simple, to the point, complete, easy to remember: God is love!  As Christians, we are tasked with showing and sharing the love that is God.  At Mountain View, we display love in a lot of different ways: we donate generously, we volunteer, we provide fellowship, and we worship together.

I would like to share with you how one of our local missions that we support is spreading love throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Project 150 currently serves 3,300 registered homeless and 3,100 non-registered homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students at 58 high schools in Southern Nevada.  Every year in March they hold a wonderful event called Prom Closet, and this year I had the occasion to volunteer for this experience.

Prom Closet is held at Zappos headquarters downtown.  Each student, and their guests, are greeted by a red carpet, a “step and repeat” banner, and a DJ accompanied by an MC.  Students are served water and snacks while they shop, and are treated with the utmost respect and care.  Volunteers were told to treat every student and guest as if they were shopping at Nordstrom.

Each teen girl had the opportunity to browse gently used dresses.  When they found the perfect dress, seamstresses were on hand to do any alterations needed, and then they were escorted to accessories.  Every female received a new pair of shoes, a new purse, and new jewelry.  They were then able to get their hair and makeup done, and pick up tips and tricks for how to recreate the look on their prom night.  There was also a professional photographer on hand to provide them with a complimentary photo as a souvenir.

Each teen boy had the opportunity to browse gently used suits and tuxedos.  Alterations were done on location, and they also were given great accessories: new shoes, a new wallet, a new belt, and a new tie.

When the students were done shopping, volunteers were there to help them gently place their outfits in garment bags, and they were ready for prom!  775 students and a total of 1550 people (including guests) attended this year’s Prom Closet.  449 volunteers helped on the day of Prom Closet, and many more put in hours before and after the event to make it truly unforgettable.

I cannot adequately express the joy in the faces of each student as they left the building with an entire new ensemble.  Mothers and fathers were thankful that their teen was now able to attend prom.  Both students and volunteers were seen wiping tears from their eyes.  That day, all those involved displayed the meaning of love.


Project 150 Prom Closet


Child Haven

Also, thank you for your contributions of socks, shoes, and underwear to the Child Haven Project during the month of April. In addition, the Mission Committee will be providing a monetary donation to the organization that will assist at-risk children and families.



Salvation Army Food Collection
On the first Sunday of each month, non-perishable food items are collected for the Salvation Army Food Bank.
Las Vegas Rescue Mission Blankets
Reach people in need with this very worthwhile project. Please donate 4-ply yarn, or, use yarn already donated by others to knit or crochet 7′ x 9″ sections that will be assembled into afghans for the homeless. Contact Betty Lou Sippel.
Lions’ Eyeglasses
We collect old eyeglasses for the Lions Club program.
Printer Cartridge Recycling
to fund projects within MVPC.
Clothing Collection 
The committee also has initiated an
ongoing collection program for gently-used clothing, shoes, household items, books and toys. The box will be located in Fellowship Hall and the donated goods will be taken on a weekly basis to Westminster Presbyterian Church, to be distributed during their food bank days. If you are interested in helping us coordinate this, please contact Tami Samek tami@mviewpc.org
or 702-341-7800 and she will forward your name to us.


Grocery Certificates and Gift Cards

Happy 2018!  Start the New Year by getting involved in the Grocery Program:

  1. Smith’s. Smith’s has revamped its program, now called Inspiring Donations, which still rebates to the Church a portion of your purchases. Please update the registration of your Smith’s Reward Card number (or phone number) at www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/inspire.  MVPC’s church organization number is CF673.    After registration, every purchase at Smith’s earns money for the Church.
  2. Albertsons. Purchase Albertsons gift cards, which are useable at all Albertson’s affiliated stores across the country (including Acme, Jewel, Osco).  Albertson’s gives the Church 5% of all gift cards puchased.

You can purchase Albertsons gift cards from Jeff Patterson between Sunday morning services or call Jeff at 228-3411.   YOU CAN NOW MAKE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR VENMO APP