Grocery Certificates/Cards

Grocery Gift Cards

Your purchases can turn into donations to support Mission giving through MVPC’s Grocery Program:

  1. Smith’s. Smith’s will rebate to the Church a portion of your purchases through its Community Rewards program. Register your Smith’s Reward Card number (or phone number) at The Church’s registration number is 77810.  After registration, every purchase at Smith’s earns money for the Church.

Albertsons.  Purchase Albertsons gift cards, which are useable at all Albertson’s affiliated stores across the country (Acme, Jewel, Osco).  Albertson’s gives the Church 5% of all gift cards purchased.

You can purchase Albertsons gift cards from Jeff Patterson between Sunday morning services or call Jeff at 228-3411.  YOU CAN NOW MAKE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR VENMO APP