Living Legacy

Jesus had a will. Not the conventional kind, but in the Scriptures He left explicit instructions for the distribution of His love. It is also spelled out in the New Testament. How about your will? Is your love for God spelled out through the gifts you will make?

The Living Legacy Committee (LLC) administers the Endowment Program at Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC). This includes bequests, endowments, life insurance, memorials, real estate, gifts, stock, and trusts.

The LLC’s purpose is to encourage and invite special gifts to MVPC. Further, it is tasked to ensure that special wishes and designations by the donors are accomplished.

Should donations be un-designated as to desired use, LLC will utilize them in the best interests of the church. By LLC policy, they must be used to support special projects and ministries above and beyond MVPC’s annual operating budget.

Living Legacy Grant Project Application

Download the fill-in application (MS Word doc)
Save it to your desktop.
Open the document, enable editing on the form, complete the form, then save it again before printing.
Print the .pdf form
Print the Living Legacy Project Grant Application.pdf form
and complete it by hand.