The Board of Deacons is composed of 25 men and women of compassion, empathy, good cheer and objectivity, who minister to those in need and to the sick, friendless, and distressed. They serve through programs of care, nurturing, and visitations. They prepare the elements and arrange the communion table when the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is to be celebrated. They have various committees that take care of the needs of our Church family.
September in Las Vegas reminds us that fall is on the way with cooler temperatures and the return of many MVPC members from the Mid-west and East coast. Through the Deacon Nurturing Group (DNG), each member of the congregation is assigned to a Deacon who maintains contact through various means such as in-person, email, phone calls, cards, etc., and is of assistance when needed. 
Please notify Barb Mickelson if you are in need of prayers and support and desire to be on the Prayer Board (printed weekly) or Prayer Wheel (prayers with privacy).      Needed: Medium Vases Lynn Palmer and the Flower Team are in need of medium-size vases for flower arrangements. Please contact Lynn at 702-242-0120 or bring them to MVPC on Monday mornings.  
Read about our current projects in the Messenger.

View the Deacon Brochure.