Health Ministry/Parish Nurse

Allergies and Asthma and Fragrances

Did you know our beautiful smelling perfumes and colognes can make it hard for others to breathe and may aggravate allergy symptoms? Please try to be mindful of this fact when applying fragrance for church. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.


Thoughts from your Parish Nurse

I received this communication from Did you? SAFE GARDENING TIPS: Gardening this summer? Whether you’re new to gardening or have a green thumb, remember to keep your health and safety a priority. Did you know that gardeners can be prone to tetanus infections? Tetanus lives in the soil and enters the body through breaks in the skin, especially when using sharp tools, digging in the dirt, or handling plants with sharp points.
Before you start gardening this season: • Make sure your tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) vaccination is up-to-date. Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) generally covers shots needed to prevent illness. Contact your Medicare drug plan for more information about coverage. Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) don’t cover the Tdap shot. • Use a good set of gardening gloves, which can help lower the risk for skin irritations and cuts.
What is the Tdap injection? Tdap is the adolescent and adult booster shot for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (also called whooping cough).
Today many physicians require persons who will be in contact with newborns and infants to be vaccinated against Whooping Cough. The Tdap booster allows you to comply with that recommendation and also protect yourself against tetanus.
THE MEDICARE STORE (TMS): Even though they have the word Store in their name, they are not selling anything! This business is actually a Medicare insurance broker. Free of cost, they will help you to understand available options, and which option/s are best for you. There is no obligation. Information and advice are both free. I attended a lecture presented by our local TMS last month. They were very professional and had a plethora of information. Look them up online if you need help understanding your medical insurance options.
Blessings and health, Launa


Emergency Contact Sheets

Please help us help you and yours. Having an emergency contact entered into our system allows the church to get in touch with someone you trust in case of emergency, be they local or out of town. Forma can be found in the Narthex. (I have sneaked them onto the Serve counter.)

Team members 

We are excited to introduce the Health Ministry Team Members! Dian Ward, RN, Paula Anderson, Tim Friday, Laura Martin, Tim Martin, and Beverly Norton. 


All communications and conversations between the Parish Nurse and members will be treated in a confidential manner consistent with standards of nursing and pastoral care. No information will be divulged to staff, family, or other health care professionals without the consent of the parishioner.

What is Parish Nursing?

Parish Nursing has been defined by the American Nurses Association as “a unique, specialized practice of professional nursing which focuses on the promotion of health within the context of the values, beliefs and practices of a faith community…its mission and ministry to its members…and the community it serves.”

What are examples of Parish Nursing?

Health Counseling

A member of the congregation is diagnosed with diabetes. She has a number of questions about this condition and especially her new diet. The Parish Nurse could meet with her to review in more detail things that her physician told her about diabetes. The Parish Nurse may believe that a consultation with a dietitian or nutritionist would be valuable to this person, and may arrange a referral through the family doctor.
Pregnant, nursing, or new mothers may have questions or need support. The Parish Nurse is available for them. A youth or teen of the church, or their parents, may have questions regarding sexuality, drugs, alcohol abuse, depression, suicide prevention and more. The Parish Nurse is available to discuss these issues in a private, professional and strictly confidential manner. Referrals may be offered, as necessary.
Men’s and Women’s health issues are discussed privately and confidentially. Advocacy, support, referrals and spiritual support are all offered by the Parish Nurse.
Individual meetings may be scheduled with the Parish Nurse to assist a parishioner with sorting through the grieving process, stress, depression, other mental health or addiction issues, understanding their medications, etc. Once the issue is addressed, appropriate referrals may then be made as needed.

Blood Pressure Screenings

Blood Pressure Screenings are offered periodically to the congregation by the Health Ministry team and volunteer nurses. Health Education Several members may have voiced questions about a specific health issue. The Parish Nurse might organize a small discussion/support group in response.

Health Education

Several members may have voiced questions about a specific health issue. The Parish Nurse might organize a small discussion/support
group in response.
Various classes and programs addressing health issues may be offered to MVPC members and the community. An article is written for the monthly Messenger Newsletter.

Liaison with Other Church Volunteer Groups

The Parish Nurse works closely with the Pastor, Deacons and staff of the church. Being aware of the many volunteer groups within MVPC available to the congregation, the Parish Nurse can facilitate referrals to the appropriate group leaders within the church to address the parishioner’s needs.

Liaison with community programs and health professionals

The Parish Nurse serves as a resource person and an advocate for parishioners and their families.


The Parish Nurse makes visits to parishioners in the hospital, hospice, rehabilitation or extended care facilities and/or home. Phone visits are also utilized. Parish Nurse’s visits are in addition to the visits done by the MVPC Pastor.

What is NOT a function of the Parish Nurse?

The Parish Nurse does not provide services that require a doctor’s order, such as changing dressings, giving medications or intravenous fluids. She does not duplicate existing services such as home health or hospice care. The Parish Nurse Program does not maintain a clinic in the church.