Health Ministry/Parish Nurse

Thoughts from your Parish Nurse

Hello MVPC Friends!

Early on in this COVID-19 pandemic I believe I noted that it was a fluid situation. Time has certainly proven that to be true! Many of us are starting to feel the effect of being “cooped up” as we strive to decrease the spread of the virus. I’m sending some thoughts and ideas that you may find helpful in dealing with the “COVID Crazies.”

It is important to dress up and show up! Being stuck at home may make you want to stay in your pajamas and neglect self care. No, No, No! Get out of those sweats and slippers – at least wear flip flops!

Our mood will improve and the day will seem better if we keep the same routines we had before the virus hit. Shower, shave or put on your makeup. Dress in real clothes. You can have fun creating new looks or outfits, since there is no pressure to leave on time! Are you aware that you can even wear your jewelry at home?! How about that?

Now that you are ready for your day, here are some tips on how you can spend your time (other than cleaning and other chores!)

Spend more time with God – The coronavirus pandemic causes most of us to feel anxious. Experts advise you limit your news diet and instead turn to stress-relieving techniques which offer assurance, such as reading the Bible and other inspirational books or articles. You may even wish to try meditation.

Go To Virtual Church – Thanks to Pastor David and his team, you certainly have opportunities for that! If you haven’t tried it yet, go to the church web site You will find how to see it there, as well as Virtual Prayer Group and Daily thoughts and meditations from Pastor David.

Reach out to loved ones. Remember all those communication skills from the old days? Write letters, notes, cards, texts or emails. Call on the phone. Wow. What a concept!

Write to Nursing Home and Senior Living Residents – Launa has the lists.

Sew face masks for healthcare workers, yourself and family : You can find how-to videos and patterns online, then set about making these masks during your time at home, perhaps while connecting with a virtual sewing circle to chat with while working. (Can’t sew?

Other volunteer-at-home opportunities can be found at, and

Get Out of the House – go outside, so long as social distance of at least 6 feet is maintained. Try to go outside every day to get some fresh air, exercise and exposure to nature. These are all known to benefit your mental health.

Learn to Eat Healthy

Organize Photos and Videos

Take free classes online – You can search databases of courses at sites like Coursera, EdX, and MIT OpenCourseWare to find what most fits your interests.

Adopt or foster a pet

Stay home. Stay Safe. I can get you help if you need groceries or medications. Contact me –

*Remember your church leaders and members are still here for you. Our Prayer Sheet and Prayer Wheels are still active. Should you like prayers, let the church, me, or your deacon know. Please.

May God bless us all and grant us health.

God is Good All the Time!!


In the love of Christ, 


Health Ministry Team Members 

We are excited to introduce the Health Ministry Team Members! Dian Ward, RN, Paula Anderson, Tim Friday, Laura Martin, Tim Martin, and Beverly Norton. 

Medical Equipment and Supplies

We have been asked what can be done with these items you no longer use or need. Our suggestion is donating to a local organization that is willing to take unused supplies. Many hospitals and home healthcare companies take supplies to give to patients who are unable to afford them on their own. Call them to inquire.
Other places which may offer pick up services include:
The American Red Cross Las Vegas – Phone (702) 791-3311,
The Salvation Army Southern Nevada – Phone (702) 870-4430
Viet Nam Veterans of America – Phone (702) 384-VETS (8387)
It may take you a couple phone calls, but it is worth it to know those items are helping someone else.


Cancer Support Group

What makes this group different than the others out there? It is spiritually based! The support you’ll find at these meetings comes not only from others who are walking or have walked the cancer road. Your support and strength come from the Lord!!
The understanding and insight shared by others who have experienced living with, dealing with and battling cancer is such as no one else can offer. Many friends and family may love you, show you support in any way they can. Others, maybe not so much, because cancer is too much for them to handle or even think or speak about. However, someone who has walked the walk you are on understands as no one else can. The benefit of this, as well as the prayer support offered is priceless.
Helping and leaning on one another, whether you are in active treatment, now in remission or are now considered cancer free is truly such a blessing to you and the others whose lives and spirits you touch!
Come join our strictly confidential group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Gather and get acquainted at 6PM upstairs in the Esther Room. The meeting starts at 6:30PM. Please tell a friend or acquaintance who has or has had cancer if they would like a spiritual approach to group support. They do not need to be a member of MVPC. Tim and Willette, the group facilitators will give you and them a very warm Christian welcome!

First Aid Kits

All old and out of date kits and contents are now replaced with new, more efficient kits. You’ll know where they are by the Red and White First Aid signs placed at each location. This was an all team effort. Thanks to all who volunteered, and to Tim Friday for the detailed inventory!

Something New: “MVPC Friends” 

We are looking for people who would like to be a special friend to one of our church family who live alone and are lonely.  Your person could be a shut-in, or someone who gets out and about but could use some regular communication with a Christian friend who cares. If your heart and your prayers lead you to this caring ministry, please sign the Interest Sheet in the Narthex. With enough interest, we will hold a short meeting in the future with more details. Teens are welcome to become an MVPC Friend, too!