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Thoughts from your Parish Nurse

Hello MVPC!

Phase Two of reopening Nevada! Whoo-hoo!
Many of you have been chomping at the bit, just waiting to get this go ahead. Others, not so much. Where do you stand?
Golfers, swimmers, shoppers and restaurant goers are probably already out there. People with pre-existing conditions or others who fall in the susceptible category and who should avoid exposure, not so much.
I have heard from both sides and those in the middle. It may be hard to decide which is best for you. This is uncharted territory for us all. My advice is, however you decide to approach the reopening, please continue to implement the safety protocol, not only for yourselves, but for others.
This week, I ventured into Kohl’s. This was my first outing to a large store. I felt it was a necessary trip, since I was looking to replace something for my kitchen. But truth be told, I wanted to experience how reopening felt. I found it to be disconcerting.
The store itself had done what it should have: hand sanitizers made available, employees wearing masks and gloves, markers on the floor every 6 feet for checkout lines, employees visible disinfecting out on the sales floor, and cashiers disinfecting surfaces between customers. Was it perfect? No. Was the store making a good effort? Yes.
What concerned me most were the customers. All too many were without masks or gloves and did not respect the 6-foot space protocol. Some of them leered and sneered at those of us who were following protocol. Some actually seemed confrontational. It was not a comfortable situation for me.
Perhaps needless to say, I plan to remain very content with online shopping, home delivery, and no-contact pickup of food and merchandise for some time to come. I find dealing with the COVID-19 situation as it affects me to be hard enough. I certainly do not wish to compound it by having to navigate through angry and rude people who don’t seem to care about others. 
A local magazine carried an article focusing on the question, “What have YOU been doing?” So many folks shared. There were industrious ones who finally had time to tackle projects they had left undone, or uncompleted. Sorting through neglected boxes, photographs, garage, closets and shelves, learning a new hobby and doing more outreach to others were all creatively mentioned. Some comments dealt with learning how to relax, spending more time with pets, reading a book, enjoying more music, spending more time in nature, watching TV movies or snoozing without feeling guilty.
The person whose story got my attention was a man who, after some time spent grousing over the Pandemic situation, decided to focus on the positive rather than the negative. This resulted in a delightful narrative. If you are able to see a June 2020 Link Magazine, I encourage you to read what was written by Alan Spector. I’ll leave you with some of his closing words. “I am not doing different things that much, I am doing things differently. …I would never wish for these times, but that does not stop me from appreciating the lessons I learn and blessings I enjoy. May things never go back to “normal”. I am hoping these good things become the “new normal” for a lifetime.”
PS – you will also find a wonderful article featuring our own Richard Becker in the June 2020 Link!
May we all become more aware of our many blessings, thanking God for those we have taken for granted or ignored.
Blessings and health!

Health Ministry Team Members 

We are excited to introduce the Health Ministry Team Members! Dian Ward, RN, Paula Anderson, Tim Friday, Laura Martin, Tim Martin, and Beverly Norton. 

Medical Equipment and Supplies

We have been asked what can be done with these items you no longer use or need. Our suggestion is donating to a local organization that is willing to take unused supplies. Many hospitals and home healthcare companies take supplies to give to patients who are unable to afford them on their own. Call them to inquire.
Other places which may offer pick up services include:
The American Red Cross Las Vegas – Phone (702) 791-3311,
The Salvation Army Southern Nevada – Phone (702) 870-4430
Viet Nam Veterans of America – Phone (702) 384-VETS (8387)
It may take you a couple phone calls, but it is worth it to know those items are helping someone else.


Cancer Support Group

What makes this group different than the others out there? It is spiritually based! The support you’ll find at these meetings comes not only from others who are walking or have walked the cancer road. Your support and strength come from the Lord!!
The understanding and insight shared by others who have experienced living with, dealing with and battling cancer is such as no one else can offer. Many friends and family may love you, show you support in any way they can. Others, maybe not so much, because cancer is too much for them to handle or even think or speak about. However, someone who has walked the walk you are on understands as no one else can. The benefit of this, as well as the prayer support offered is priceless.
Helping and leaning on one another, whether you are in active treatment, now in remission or are now considered cancer free is truly such a blessing to you and the others whose lives and spirits you touch!
Come join our strictly confidential group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Gather and get acquainted at 6PM upstairs in the Esther Room. The meeting starts at 6:30PM. Please tell a friend or acquaintance who has or has had cancer if they would like a spiritual approach to group support. They do not need to be a member of MVPC. Tim and Willette, the group facilitators will give you and them a very warm Christian welcome!

First Aid Kits

All old and out of date kits and contents are now replaced with new, more efficient kits. You’ll know where they are by the Red and White First Aid signs placed at each location. This was an all team effort. Thanks to all who volunteered, and to Tim Friday for the detailed inventory!

Something New: “MVPC Friends” 

We are looking for people who would like to be a special friend to one of our church family who live alone and are lonely.  Your person could be a shut-in, or someone who gets out and about but could use some regular communication with a Christian friend who cares. If your heart and your prayers lead you to this caring ministry, please sign the Interest Sheet in the Narthex. With enough interest, we will hold a short meeting in the future with more details. Teens are welcome to become an MVPC Friend, too!