Stephen Ministry

Kathi Minsky leads Griefshare, a 13-week DVD based program offering help and encouragement to those suffering the loss of a loved one.
We meet on Tuesdays, Sept. 10 thru Dec. 3 from 1 – 3pm in the Chapel.  Each class is self-contained; therefore one can miss a class without disruption to the program.  There is no cost for attendance. Register here.
                Griefshare     Schedule  
Week Date Topic
 1 September 10 Is This Normal?
 2 September 17 Challenges of Grief
 3 September 24 The Journey of Grief – Part 1
 4 October 1 The Journey of Grief – Part 2
 5 October 8 Grief and Your Relationships
 6 October 15 Why?
 7 October 22 Guilt and Anger
 8 October 29 Complicating Factors
 9 November 5 Stuck
 10 November 12 Lessons of Grief – Part 1
 11 November 19 Lessons of Grief – Part 2
 12 November 26 Heaven
 13 December 3 What Do I Live For Now?

Experience the Love

Have you experienced Christ’s love through the compassion of someone who took the time to care for
you in an hour of need? If so, you can pass that blessing on to others by helping to ensure that future
generations will also be able to experience the life-changing power. One way to do this is by participating
in our next Stephen Ministry program.
Care is given gender to gender – male Stephen Ministers meet with male care receivers; women meet
with women. We don’t meet with couples and we don’t meet with minors. A Stephen Leader meets
initially with each potential care receiver, and, if it is determined during that process that the person is in
need of professional help, he or she will be encouraged in that direction and not paired with a Stephen
Confidentiality is of utmost importance, so all Stephen Ministers are trained in this regard, and the
system of care that we use is set up in such a way to promote this in every area – from record keeping to
the bi-weekly Supervisory meetings. We can’t stress enough the importance that this program places on
confidentiality. In order for care receivers to participate, they must feel that they can trust this lay-oriented
system, so we will do all in our power to generate a system worthy of their trust. Of course, Stephen
Ministers are not responsible for care receivers who share these conversations with others. It is their
choice to do so. Perhaps some of you could use a caregiver – just ask!
Revised from Stephen Ministries’ Saint Louis
As Stephen Ministers, we put on our “listening ears” with the hope of helping you reach some level of peace and happiness in your lives. Ask for a SM to meet with you, and remember, you are essentially the one in control of the when, where, and how often the visits happen.