Mission Activities

Last week MVPC had the pleasure of hosting homeless families in our church through Family Promise. We provided three meals a day and a cool place to sleep for families in need, and I want to tell the entire congregation how proud I am to be a member of this church.
I would like to thank our volunteers that made delicious dinners, served breakfast, and spent the night in the church.
Together we served a total of eight adults and 11 children and worked roughly 97 hours throughout the week! We also had several members donate food for packed lunches, desserts, and bottled water. It takes the entire congregation to host Family Promise each year and in 2020 we will be hosting two weeks! We need volunteers for the weeks of March 08 – March 15 and August 23 – August 30. It is never too early to sign up. Please contact the church office if you would like to volunteer!
Kacie Walther- Family Promise Coordinator

Club Christ

If you heard Evan Hartsell speak about Club Christ last Sunday you’re probably wanting to know how to support that organization, which is one of the organizations your pledge dollars support. (What Evan didn’t tell you is that 78% of kids in Club Christ are reading at or above grade level, a significant change from kids in general in CCSD.). You can volunteer (the closest center is in the Farrell Apartments, just behind Texas Station). Or you can donate, either with a one-time gift or with a monthly donation by credit card or ETF. The Club Christ website will help you find a way to support this ministry: clubchrist.org.
Salvation Army Food Collection
On the first Sunday of each month, non-perishable food items are collected for the Salvation Army Food Bank.
Las Vegas Rescue Mission Blankets
Reach people in need with this very worthwhile project. Please donate 4-ply yarn, or, use yarn already donated by others to knit or crochet 7′ x 9″ sections that will be assembled into afghans for the homeless.
Old eyeglasses are given to a local optometrist who re-fits them to provide free glasses to school children.
Clothing Collection 
The committee also has initiated an
ongoing collection program for gently-used clothing, shoes, household items, books and toys. The box will be located in Fellowship Hall and the donated goods will be taken on a weekly basis to Westminster Presbyterian Church, to be distributed during their food bank days. If you are interested in helping us coordinate this, please contact Tami Samek tami@mviewpc.org
or 702-341-7800 and she will forward your name to us.
Used Printer Toner Cartridges
Grocery Certificates and Gift Cards

Our grocery program partners:

    1. Smith’s. Smith’s has revamped its program, now called Inspiring Donations, which still rebates to the Church a portion of your purchases. Please update the registration of your Smith’s Reward Card number (or phone number) at www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/inspire.  MVPC’s church organization number is CF673.    After registration, every purchase at Smith’s earns money for the Church.
    2.   Albertsons. Purchase Albertsons gift cards, which are useable at all Albertson’s affiliated stores across the country (including Acme, Jewel, Osco).  Albertson’s gives the Church 5% of all gift cards puchased.


You can purchase Albertsons gift cards from Jeff Patterson between Sunday morning services or call Jeff at 228-3411.   YOU CAN NOW MAKE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR VENMO APP