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The VINE creates a very loving atmosphere for all of the women of Mountain View Presbyterian Church to gather in Christian Fellowship. The Branches…are our small groups which provide closely knit fellowship with women of similar interests whether it be study or other facets of life. Each Branch has a representative on the Board. The Leaves…are small groups of women with a common interest. The Roots..are our At-Large members who strengthen and support the Vine. The Fruit…are our Luncheons/Gatherings at which joy (fellowship), and helping others (missions) are our goals.


President: Michele Weber

Vice President: Colleen Klipstein

Recording Secretary: JuAnn Miller

Corres. Secretary: Miriam Malfara

Treasurer: Renea Farr

Opportunity Table: Marge Redman

Publicity: Jeanette Shillaci

Decorations: Lynn Palmer

Greeter/Ambassador: Theresa Schrotberger

Advisor: Andrea Manning

Book Club Leaf: Sharon Brink

Nevada is known as the “Battle Born” state because of its creation during the Civil War (1861-1865). It was a tumultuous time in the country and many consider it a dark period in American history.
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Vine Gathering

Sat., Sept. 21


 Civil War Presentation by Kay Moore, Sun City resident and author

Kay Moore grew up in Maryland and has written several books.  Her 30-minute presentation and slide show will give the true story of how the war affected life in America.  You will be surprised!