Welcome to MVPC!

from Pastor David W. Dendy

It is 2016!

I have been on a spiritual journey for close to fifty-three years.

I wonder what kind of journey you find yourself on these days…

Are you looking for more purpose, fulfillment, security, enjoyment, laughter, fearlessness?

Believe it or not, you have come to the right place!

Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC) offers just that.  Whether you are raising a family or trying to discover your purpose in your retirement years, MVPC is a place where many fellow travelers on the trail of life come day in and day out to discover and realize the joy of the journey that can be found in a faithful following of Jesus Christ.

You got questions? So do we!

As someone who has been on the trail for a number of years and has been down every rabbit trail available, I have come to one conclusion and one conclusion only…

Jesus is the answer!

Come and find out why…


Sunday Services
Traditional Worship 8:30 am
Contemporary Worship 10:30 am
Child care available at both services
Adult Sunday School 9:40 am
Children’s Sunday School 10:30 am
Youth Group 5 pm

Friday Service
Contemplative Prayer 10 am


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