The Bible in 90 Days!

When was the last time you read through the Bible? Maybe you have read through it twenty times and then again maybe you have read it piece meal, a verse here and a chapter there.


Would you be willing to entertain the idea, the notion, the challenge to read through the whole Bible in the next 90 days?


The joy of the challenge before us is to start reading Genesis 1 (the first chapter of the Bible) and read for 90 days straight about twelve to fifteen pages a day (depending on your Bible).


The question comes up many times, “Why should I read through the Bible?”

Here’s a sampling of answers:

  1.  Reading the Bible makes us wiser.
  2.  Helps us overcome sin and temptation.
  3.  Allows a sense of peace to overtake our craze filled lives.
  4.  Gives us direction.
  5.  Builds our relationship with God. (Hard to know someone, when you do not read “His” word)
  6.  We all read New York Times Best Sellers! How about reading the Best Seller of All Time!
  7.  Who is Jesus? Reading the Bible allows clarity to reign in understanding who is Jesus.
  8.  The Bible is a great History book!
  9.  Reading the Bible can and will change your life!
  10. Stuck in the same rut of seeing, interpreting and understanding the world around you in the same way over and over and over. Read through the Bible and watch new perspectives arise…


I am looking forward to joining with you in the challenge.

I will be leading a class on Wednesdays at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The Class should go for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The Men’s group will be held on Monday nights at 7:00 pm. The Women’s group will be held on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am.


Copies of the The Bible in 90 Days Reading Schedule are available at church, or download a copy

Bible in 90 Days Reading Schedule


Copies of the Participant’s Guide for this study will be available at church for $10 beginning Sept. 7.


The Bible in 90 Days!!!! Let’s go!
Laugh often and Fear not!



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