March Madness

 Pastor David W. Dendy 

Without fail it happens every time at this exact moment. March begins and that can only mean one thing and one thing alone… March Madness!

After Christmas and Easter, March Madness (the 68 Team NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament) is my favorite season of the year. It is no different this year.

The NCAA Tournament will be full of upsets, Cinderella teams, last minute shots to win the game and ultimately one team and one team alone will be named National Champion!

What a parallel we have with our upcoming Easter season.

It’s Palm Sunday and the “madness” has begun with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem with the whole crowd fully behind him. Obviously, he is the favorite champion of everyone’s hearts.

Monday arrives, Jesus cleanses the temple from being a “den of robbers” and all of a sudden an “upset” is in the making as in, the religious leaders of the day are extremely “upset” with Jesus!

Even more “madness” arrives on Thursday night of that week as one of Jesus’ own teammates switches out his jersey of faithful discipleship and puts on the jersey of betrayal and starts playing for the other team!

Before you know it, security forces have suspended Jesus from his “on court” playmaking activities while the whole stadium crowd is screaming “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

And they do…

What started out as “March Madness” has now become “March Sadness” as the limp body of the star player of the universe hangs suspended from an old rugged cross. Quickly, Jesus is buried while his jersey is tossed to some over eager, maniacal would be grave robbers. 
“Silent Saturday” has to be the most deafening of all days… Can you hear it? The Silence…Deadly silence…
March Madness ends the way it began…
With Triumph!!
Easter Sunday arrives and so does the triumphant Jesus!!
He is risen! He is risen indeed! And with his resurrection comes the crowning of the International/Universal Champion – Jesus!



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