Welcome to MVPC!

What are you doing here?
Either you have stumbled across our website or you are here on purpose!
Either way, I am thrilled that you dropped by!
Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC) is the BEST BET IN VEGAS!!
We could not be more set, more secure or more sure that our lives are
lived best when we trust Jesus as our Lord and Savior. In fact, we are
willing to bet our whole life on the love, grace, mercy and joy of Jesus!
I wonder what you are willing to bet your life on? Career? Money? Cars? Blackjack? Friends? Let me invite you to take the best steps you will ever
make and peruse our website. Check us out and when you are through,
come on by. Come on by to worship. Come on by for fellowship.
Come on by for some authentic, honest, transparent look at life.
Come on by to serve our community. Just come on by…
I am willing to bet that if you do…Your life will never be the same!
MVPC – We are the best bet in Vegas!


Worship Services

Traditional Worship at 8:30 am Contemporary Worship at 10:30 am Adult Sunday School 9:40 am Children's Sunday School at 10:30 am Child care provided at both services Youth Group at 5 pm
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