“Marching Orders”


I love the month of April!


My wife’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, my daughter Molly-Catherine’s birthday, March Madness comes to a maddening finish! Go Tar Heels!, and the Master’s Golf Tournament held in my old stomping ground of Augusta, Georgia!


Don’t forget! April is also National Safe Digging Month, National Canine Fitness Month, National Soft Pretzel Month, National Fresh Celery Month and National Garden Month.


Speaking of National Garden Month, the women who were at the empty tomb on that first resurrection Sunday morning ran into Jesus and thought he was the “Gardener!”


That’s right – April is also, National, International and Universe Resurrection Month!! In fact, every day, every week and every month is Resurrection Day!


I love the month of April!


Easter Sunday is April 16
th this year, which means Palm Sunday is April 9th

Which also means….

Maundy Thursday is April 13
(service at 7:00 pm)
Good Friday is April 14
 (services at 12 noon and 7:00 pm)


To experience the full impact of the resurrection please make plans to attend the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday service…Your overall experience of Easter will increase one hundredfold…


I love the month of April!

On Easter Sunday we will receive our “Marching Orders” from the Master Gardener on how we are to live out our lives as individuals and corporately as a church!


The orders are simple…

Come, find out what they are…

And let’s march together arm in arm, step by step to share the love, the grace, the mercy and the power of the risen Lord Jesus!


Grace and peace!

Laugh often and Fear not!



Ps – I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but “I love the month of April!!”

Pss – Easter Sunday worship services at MVPC:

Traditional: 8:00 and 9:30 am

Contemporary: 11:00 am 


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Sunday Services
Traditional Worship 8:30 am
Contemporary Worship 10:30 am
Child care available at both services
Children’s Sunday School 10:30 am
Youth Group 4:30 pm

Friday Service
Contemplative Prayer 10 am


We Thank and acknowledge the following for their gift of the Beautiful Easter Lilies


* Samantha Walchli in loving memory of my Father, Robin and my grandmother, Mary. 

* Ken and Marilyn Armstrong in memory of loved ones gone before.

* From the Armstrong family in celebration of Ken’s 89th Birthday. 

* Laura and Tim Martin in remembrance of Joan and Fred Martin, parents of Tim Martin. 

* Laura and Tim Martin in remembrance of Helen and Mike Szopo, parents of Laura Martin. 

* Ralph and Patsy Pendleton in memory of our parents. 

* Ray Ellsworth Happy Easter Daddy!

* Josephine Infuso God Bless you Mom!

* Thomas and Renea Farr in loving memory of Gerhard and Lee Meier. 

* Thomas and Renea Farr in loving memory of Thomas and Lydia Fratila. 

* Patti Luthy in loving memory of my husband Charles. 

* Pete and Mary Keller in memory of Bill and Barbara Enzler. 

* Vivian Scott in honor of my mother and father, Susie and Hugh Scott.

* Sue and Toby Hilliker in remembrance of our son Craig. 

* Andrew Patterson
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