What else would you expect for the monthly homepage article other than an article on the very thing that separates the Christian faith from the rest of the pack – Freedom!

As I sat down to compose this article, a song from the artist “Sting” (formerly of the 80’s band “The Police”) started blaring through my ear buds. I found it quite appropriate. The title of the song says it all…

“If You Love Somebody Set Them Free…”

 And that is exactly what the Triune God did in concert with each person of the Trinity. Out of His infinite love for all of us, God the Father sent His one and only Son to the earth, to walk the earth, to teach on the earth, to live on the earth, to love on the earth, to forgive on the earth, to die on the earth so that the Son may be raised to life on the earth which in turns allows the power of the Holy Spirit to come into our lives to empower us to live a life of freedom, not bondage.

We have been set free and yet…
How many of us live lives of bondage?

How many live a life shackled to a mindset, handcuffed to a thought pattern, enslaved by the approval or lack of approval from a spouse, a friend or a family member?
How many of us live a life fenced in by the relentless waiting of praise from a boss or a significant other, all the while the very gate which hems us in is wide open, unlocked and left ajar by the one who pours on us a deluge of grace, love, forgiveness and yes… Freedom!

Paul shouts from the mountaintops – “For freedom, Christ has set us free!” (Galatians 5: 1)

What would happen if we started living out our freedom in Christ?

How about we give it a try this month and watch the Fireworks drape the sky with a full blaze of colors singing, “Jesus loves me and sets me free!”

Grace and peace,

Laugh often and Fear not!


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