It’s Wedding Season

by Pastor David W. Dendy
wedding band 2

June is the most popular month to get married.
 I followed suit by marrying Julie on June 2nd  in 2001.

Typically in weddings the bride and the groom exchange rings, kiss one another, smile a lot, stand before God and their family and friends and exchange most importantly their vows to one another.

My question for you (by the way… Thank you for dropping by Mountain View’s website!), what are you “wedding” yourself to these days?

To “wed” means

to bind by close or lasting ties; attach firmly…

To what, to who or to where do you want to attach yourself firmly?

Let that percolate for a minute…

Here at Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC) we are into “Weddings!”

Wedding ourselves into a community of faith and fellowship…

Wedding ourselves to follow in the way of the Son of God – Jesus…

Wedding ourselves to a lifestyle offering love, forgiveness, care, mercy and grace…

Wedding ourselves to a practice of prayer, study, outreach and service…

Wedding ourselves to people who are simply trying to figure out this ride we call “life”…

MVPC loves weddings!

Come join ours…

Laugh often and Fear not!
Pastor, MVPC


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