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Christmas is right around the corner!  But you knew that already, didn’t you?

We are inundated with Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday specials!  Buy, buy, buy, get, get, get, consume, consume, consume!  Are you all wrapped up in the holiday spending frenzy, figuratively and literally?

What does Christmas mean to you?

It’s a question we ask a lot around here at Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC). We are in the process of preparing to celebrate the greatest gift in human history.

The God of the universe, the one who hung the moon, scattered the stars, fashioned the oceans, shaped the mountains, set the sun on fire and in the process knitted you together also sent His one and only Son in the form of a baby… A baby!

Let me invite you to unwrap this precious present and discover…
Life… Purpose… Laughter… Love… Joy…Hope…Peace…
Does this sound like a gift worth opening?
I can tell you firsthand… “YES!” 
MVPC’s Christmas Events
Handel’s Do-It-Yourself Messiah on Sun., Dec. 6
VINE Program and Luncheon on Thurs., Dec. 10 at 10:30 am
Service of Solace (Blue Christmas) at 7:00 pm
“I Believe” Children’s Pageant on Sun., Dec. 20 at 8:30 and 10:30 am
Children and Youth S.U.R.F. Christmas Party on Sun., Dec. 20 at 5 pm
Family Christmas Eve Services at 4:30 and 6:30 pm
One worship service only on Sun., Dec. 27 at 9:30 am


Sunday Services
Traditional Worship 8:30 am
Contemporary Worship 10:30 am
Child care available at both services
Adult Sunday School 9:40 am
Children’s Sunday School 10:30 am
Youth Group 5 pm

Friday Service
Contemplative Prayer 10 am


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