Cancer Support Group

Our MVPC Cancer Support Group is different from other support groups because this one is spiritually based! The support you’ll find at these meetings comes from both people that are currently in their journey AND people that have walked the journey and are in recovery (praise the Lord!).

The understanding, insight, and connection shared by others who have experienced living with, dealing with and battling cancer is unique and profound. Someone who has walked the walk you are on understands as no one else can. The benefit of this, as well as the prayer support offered is priceless.

Helping and leaning on one another, whether you are in active treatment, in remission, or are now considered cancer free is truly such a blessing to you and the others whose lives and spirits you touch!

Please share with anyone who has or had cancer if they would like a to visit a cancer support group with a spiritual approach. They do not need to be a member of MVPC.

Come join our strictly confidential group. 

For more information about our Cancer Support Group, email or call the MVPC office at 702-341-7800.