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The word “pall” is defined as “a dark cloud or covering of smoke, dust, or similar matter.” 
For the last few weeks the world has been living under the pall of the Coronavirus. 
For the foreseeable future we will continue to live under this pall. 
Not one facet of our world as we understood it a month ago has been left untouched or unscathed. 
 We are all “Living Under the Pall” of the Coronavirus. 
The Elders of MVPC met last night to prayerfully discuss the precautions and actions we need to take as a Church body to ensure everyone’s safety, health and well-being. 
The meeting carried with it a tone of “heavy heartedness” as we faced the reality that certain changes need to be put in place which will directly affect the way we “normally” experience life at MVPC. 
Knowing the Coronavirus can survive on plastic, paper and other hard surfaces and can be passed to others through the touching and handling of food, paper products and other objects, the Elders of MVPC have unanimously decided to enact the following on a temporary basis: 
– Suspension of Celebrating the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper 
– No passing of the Friendship Pad 
– No food or drink will be served on campus and in the Fellowship Hall after each service 
– The Offering Plates will be placed at the back of the church and you may place your offering in the offering plate as you enter or exit worship 
– No Worship Bulletin will be printed and handed out 
– Greeters will not be shaking hands but rather enthusiastically greeting people with the nodding of the head and elbow taps 
– No printed “Messenger” will be available in the Narthex 
– All “Sign Up” sheets will be removed from the Narthex 
– No Bookstore 
– Children who normally come into worship for the Kid’s Konnection will instead go straight upstairs instead of coming into worship. If you wish to have your child remain with you in worship you may do so. – There will be no Kid’s Konnection 
– This Sunday is “Golden Knights” Sunday. Feel free to wear your best Golden Knights attire, but there will be no “Watch the Game” party in the Fellowship Hall after Church 
– All “mid-week” classes will go on as scheduled. 
If you are not feeling well – have an incessant cough, fever or other signs of sickness please stay home and worship with MVPC online via Facebook or YouTube. 
As mentioned before, these decisions were made with a heavy heart and prayerful mind. 
I am reminded of the scripture: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the House of the Lord.’” (Psalm 122) 
I am still glad to go to the House of the Lord! 
I am still glad to worship our God! 
I am still glad God watches over each of us and offers to us His divine protection. 
I am still glad to Laugh often and Fear not! 
I am still glad to have you as my brother and sister in Christ! 
For the time being, life at MVPC will be a little different, but please know this… 
The heart, the love, the grace and the care which lies at the core of MVPC will never change! 
We will get through this! 
Laugh often and Fear not! 

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