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The first Thursday of the Lenten Season…

Yesterday we celebrated Ash Wednesday with two worship services at MVPC.
The “Lenten Season” is a time for penance, repentance, spiritual renewal and introspection.
I am thankful for a season with the specific focus of desiring to become more like Jesus, by looking inward and outward to ask the question, “What needs to be let go of, what needs to be added, what needs to be shed from my life in order to become more like Jesus?”
Of course, whatever the answer is sacrifice will be needed.
Sacrifice is never easy.
If it was, we would be doing it every day!
I am reminded of the phrase, “The pain of discipline is much easier than the pain of regret.”
Let’s enter the Lenten Season with the long view in mind.
What and how do we want to be and feel on Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
May the next forty days of sacrifice and discipline be accepted in a way to allow great joy to be experienced on Easter Sunday - March 31st!

The “Presbyterian Outlook” is a magazine in our denomination which has published a 2024 Lenten Season Devotional called “Local Pilgrim.”

I was invited to write a devotion for “Local Pilgrim” and it can be found on Sunday, February 18th.
Attached you will find the devotions for the next week and a half and each Thursday I will send out the next week’s devotions.

Have a blessed day!
Also, on each Thursday during the Lenten Season we will be hosting at MVPC a Lenten Luncheon. Come on over at noon and we will gather in the sanctuary and worship for fifteen minutes or so and then gather in the fellowship hall for soup and bread.
Our Lenten Luncheon Theme is “What’s Your Story?”, where we will be hearing from some of our church members about their faith journey. See you there!

And… I can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,
Laugh often and Fear not!