This Sunday at MVPC we will have our Annual Meeting right after our second service. 
The Annual Reports from all of our commissions will be available for you to read through. 
I thought I would give you a heads up and offer mine to you today...


Annual Report 2024 – Pastor David Dendy

I am always a little bit at a loss as to what to say in my Annual Report. 

I pick my brain for some words of wisdom which will serve as a proverbial “karate chop” to our very soul whereby we will feel incredibly inspired and “blown away” with this report. 

I search my mind and soul for events which took place over the past year which will allow our minds and hearts to remember and reminisce in a way so as to have our hearts stirred. 

I even try to remember a sermon or two where I could highlight a few “catch phrases” which stuck with us over the last year and carry us into the new Leap year 2024!

Perhaps I could write about how financially stable MVPC continues to be due to the generosity of the membership. 

The construction of the Courtyard comes to mind as something I could detail for you. 

Words, Events, Sermons, Money, Construction…

As important as those five things are in the life of the church… where my mind and heart keep going to as I write this report is right back to YOU! 

Yes, YOU!

It is the people I remember the most when I think back on the year 2023. 

We have welcomed new people. 
We have said good-bye to some people who have moved from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant. 

Some people have moved away while others have moved to a town they never thought they would ever call home – Las Vegas!

Some of us have struggled. Some of us have thrived. 
Some of us have doubts. Some of us have never been more sure. 
Nonetheless, we love and care and pray with and for one another.

All of which leads me to say this: Thank you for allowing me to be your Pastor. How I love serving the Lord and how I love “getting” to serve each of you. 

MVPC – I love you! I count it a joy, privilege, honor and a pure delight to walk with you along this journey called life. 

What’s even better is as we journey together, we “Laugh often and Fear not!”

Pastor David!

Ps: Here is next week’s Lenten Devotionals from the Presbyterian Outlook

David Dendy 
Pastor MVPC
8601 Del Webb Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89134